After 8 years of use our 2nd version of private bathrooms were starting to look a bit tired and after speaking to some of our regular clients over the past couple of seasons and looking at how the market has changed with tourers and motorhomes getting bigger year after year we knew that we had to make some decisions :

  • Like many other Holiday parks in the area , should we do away with our touring pitches and re-develop the area for Holiday Home pitches
  • Should we just change the bathrooms only and leave the pitches as they are knowing that we were not able to satisfy demand for clients with big tourers and American motorhomes as we only had 6 pitches for these units
  • Should we completely re-work the camping area and create less pitches but making them all larger with upmarket individual private bathrooms with an outside kitchen on every pitch

After much deliberation , we decided that we had such a good regular clientele that we didn’t want to lose and we believe that there would be a strong demand from clients with very big motorhomes and tourers that we would like to satisfy. After initial calculations , we estimated the cost of the project to be in the region of 750,000 to 850,000 euros , a not inconsiderable amount that we believe has never been invested by another Holiday Park in the area !

We started the search towards the end of last year for a manufacturer to build the bathrooms and kitchens that we were looking for and after visiting 3 different countries eventually found the look and quality that we were searching for.

Starting early March due to delays in the finance being agreed and poor weather, we removed everything from the area so that we could start with a completely blank canvas so that we could re-design the access roads and pitches making them more adaptable for the bigger vehicules as well as a hard standing area on each pitch for the vehicule and synthetic grassed area for cleanliness and comfort. New hedges and trees have been planted to complete the camping area and we are opening our doors on the 18th May 2018

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